Window and Building Wash System

Jan. 6, 2012
Sky Pro announces a new automated window and building wash system that cleans a high-rise building’s windows and exterior using high pressure water to “scrub” the surface from a distance up to three feet. The Dual Skydrowasher™ High Pressure Window and Building Washing System is ideal for cleaning buildings with window offsets, curves, recesses, overhangs, protrusions, inset glass, asymmetrical frames or other architectural features that make traditional cleaning methods difficult, if not impossible. The new model has two high pressure spray bars so you get double the cleaning capacity. The original Skydrowasher™ System has a single spray bar.  Weighing only 400 lbs. with hoses, the new Dual Skydrowasher™ System uses turbo nozzles mounted within a high-impact plastic shell. There are few moving parts and it does not require electricity to operate as it runs on water pressure alone. Because it’s so lightweight, it is easily transported from building-to-building, as is the three-arm roof top outrigger. This outrigger is designed specifically for use with the Dual unit. With its 9-foot wide cleaning path, the dual Skydrowasher can clean at an incredible rate of 18,900 square feet per hour or 315 square feet per minute. For an extra clean surface, run the Dual Skyrdowasher System over the area twice. Even factoring in a two-pass clean, this unit will scrub at a rate of 9,450 square feet per hour.  At this speed, the Dual Skydrowasher™ System cleans 7 to 10 faster than two men on a scaffold. This dual unit will pay for itself within the first year.  And, the Skydrowasher™ System is safer to use than men on a scaffold or boatswain’s chair.  See how the system works in these videos. The standard package includes the Dual Skydrowasher™ System, a step-up pump, hoist motor, a custom three-arm outrigger and all hoses and cables—everything you need to start cleaning. The only add-on option you might consider is a water filtration system so the windows and building dry “spot free.”  SkyPro recommends using D.I. (de-ionization) tanks to filter the water. These tanks are easily moved to and from the building and can usually be rented from a local “soft water” company. Custom features like rear mounted fans for unusually high buildings or surface mounted skis can be added to the Dual Skyrdowasher System to move it around protrusions greater than 2 feet on the building exterior. For those real stubborn building stains, use an “in-line” water heater positioned on the roof deck. Whatever the design of your building, SkyPro can customize your Dual Skydrowasher System to clean it efficiently and rapidly.
  • lightweight and mobile, easy to transport
  • cleans windows and exteriors from up to 3 feet away
  • cleans buildings with offsets, protrusions, recesses or curvatures