Screw-in Protective Vents for lighting, solar, and telecommunication infrastructure applications feature a single-body construction that increases protection against mechanical stress. The screw-in vents maintain high airflow in electronic housings and sealed devices—equalizing internal pressure to prevent premature failure of the housing seals by virtually eliminating vacuum caused by pressure build-up. At the same time, the vent prevents water, dust, dirt,  and other contaminants from entering the housing and damaging the sensitive electronics.


This durable venting solution increases product reliability and improves profitability by reducing the need to over-engineer your product’s housing. The rugged, single-body design of the screw-in vents is engineered with a robust plastic that prevents damage from mechanical impact. The advanced properties of the vent’s membrane enable the vent to recover quickly after liquid immersion.


This chemically inert, UV-resistant membrane withstands operating temperatures ranging from -40 to 125°C (-40 to 257°F), enabling the vent to be used in harsh environments. For extreme conditions, Gore offers a metal vent with the same screw-in design and protection performance. In addition, each vent has a unique identification number that includes date and unit position of manufacture, enabling individual part tracking for security. Screw-in GORE Protective Vents are available in various sizes and thread types.

  • ?Provide rapid pressure equalization to ensure the seals maintain the original level of Ingress Protection (IP) rating over the life of the product
  • Block ingress of liquids and contaminants like salts, sand, or dust
  • Diffuse water vapor more effectively, minimizing condensation damage and improving system power output
  • Available in screw-in, snap-fit or welded membrane styles for easy integration into any housing design
  • Tested and proven to meet the world’s most demanding enclosure-protection standards including Underwriters Laboratory (UL), Technischer Überwachungsverein (TÜV), and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).