Small Tank Heater

March 13, 2012

Chromalox announces the introduction of its newest product line extension – the Small Tank Flange Heater (STFX). Designed primarily for the oil and gas exploration, power generation and chemical industries, Chromalox STFX style units allow heating elements to be changed without draining the tank. Replaceable-style elements can be easily changed by one person with no special tooling required. This is ideal for smaller, critical system storage units that need to remain filled for continuous operation and storage.   

The model STFX is offered in multiple designs with varying watt densities which allow it to meet a variety of needs in applications ranging from viscous fluids, such as asphalt or Bunker C oil, to free-flowing oils, such as hydraulic fluids or lube oil. The small tank heater can also be used for water, and water/glycol or acidic mixtures as well as fire water storage and freeze protection. 

It is compliant with API-614 standards and is CSA certified. “Chromalox is excited to announce the introduction of the STFX tank heater,” said Mark Wheeler, global product director for Packaged Systems & Service at Chromalox. “Given its adaptability to a variety of applications, STFX is ready to claim its place in the tank heating market.”

  • replaceable-style elements
  • multiple designs with varying watt densities
  • CSA certified