Waterproof Video Inspection Systems

March 20, 2012

SeaScopes from General Tools & Instruments (General®) are fully waterproof video inspection systems on the market. Now users can perform worry-free inspections of flooded or submerged structures and environments easily and safely. The SeaScope 660 (DCS660) and SeaScope 600 (DCS600) include IP67-rated waterproof grips, monitors and camera-tipped probes. Both systems are fully buoyant and guaranteed watertight to a depth of 1m. Each will resist leaks at depths up to 2m for up to one hour. For plumbers and marine rescue workers, restoration contractors and property inspectors, and beyond, General’s Sea Scopes are the underwater solution.  The DCS660 and DCS600 are ideal for all inspections, including:  

  • plumbing-related tasks such as inspecting sewer and water lines carrying running water
  • flooded properties
  • submerged structures and parts of boats, ships, bridges and offshore oil platforms
  • marine search and rescue operations
  • submerged water environments
The DCS660 and DCS600 are designed to enable inspections underwater and eliminate concerns about accidentally dropping or dunking the grip and monitor into water. Each model includes a 10mm (0.39 in.) diameter, 1m (3.28 ft.) long, close-focus, flexible-obedient camera-tipped probe with adjustable LED lighting. What’s more, the DCS660 and DCS600 each come with three probe tip accessories: 45° mirror, pickup hook and magnetic pickup. Both systems feature a 3.4 in. (86.4mm) color LCD monitor for large, crystal-clear videos and images, and 180° image flip. Both models also have Video Out jacks for viewing images on a remote monitor, and each is powered by four AA batteries.   
  • waterproof grips
  • fully buoyant
  • watertight to a depth of 1m