GenSwiss offers the new Multidec® BACK TOOL tool holders for turning operations on the subspindle and from an ID tool position. Each holder is center height adjustable to + .20” a critical feature for machines without a Y axis. The fully modular tool holder system features a range of shanks, spacers, and insert modules to suit today’s most popular machines. 

The system allows for use of Mutlidec ISO, TOP & CUT 1600 and 3000 series inserts in use in many Swiss type machining installations. For example, the system allow for use of any CUT 3000 series insert to perform grooving, threading or OD turning on the back side of a Swiss machine In addition, the tool holder can be equipped with COOL-FLEX MBK Adaptor to provide a coolant delivery system for optimal insert lubrication and cooling, longer cutting tool life and improved Swiss type machining.  

  • for turning operations on the subspindle