Magid Glove & Safety is excited to introduce the newest arrival to its acclaimed Magid® ROC® Coated Gloves product line today with the availability of the ROC® GP500 Grey Nylon Knit Gloves with Black NitriX® Grip Technology Palm Coating. Manufactured from a 100% nylon, high-density, 13-gague seamless machine knit shell, the GP500 Nitrile Gloves feature a black NitriX Grip Technology sandy nitrile palm coating designed to provide glove wearers greater coverage and grip in oily conditions than gloves with standard or foam nitrile coatings without forgoing grip, dexterity or comfort.  

Like all other ROC Work Gloves, its seamless machine knit shell offers flexibility and form-fitting comfort. However, unlike all other ROC Work Gloves, its NitriX Grip Technology provides an additional layer of protection offering ANSI Cut Level 1 and ANSI Abrasion Level 4 resistance as well as a water-repellent comfort feature.  Available in sizes 6-11, the GP500 Coated Gloves feature a knit wrist cuff with a color-coded rubber band overcast finish to reduce fraying and provide a visual aid in sizing. 

  • Black NitriX® Grip Technology Palm Coating
  • 13-gague seamless machine knit shell
  • grip in oily conditions