SINOCHRON Motors for Every Climate

Oct. 11, 2018
ABM DRIVES' synchronous motor needs no additional components

Unit sizes 80 and 100, with up to 13 kW of power, have been added to the portfolio of energy-efficient SINOCHRON Motors.


ABM SINOCHRON Motors are characterized by high power densities and efficiencies. This can be made use of very efficiently, particularly in partial-load: more than two-thirds of the drives used in intralogistics—primarily in material handling technology—are operated in this mode. The full torque supplied by the motor is solely used for short periods for the initial move of the load. The drives then usually run at 20 to 30% of the nominal load. Their efficiency is more than twice as high in the partial load. This is made possible by a continuously excited synchronous motor that operates with practically no rotor losses.


Users in intralogistics facilities expect energy-efficient, powerful drives. The drives must also operate reliably if a drive fails it is usually due to speed sensors. Thanks to an anisotropic rotor geometry and an optimum ratio of inductance values in the longitudinal and transverse directions, given an appropriate controller such as the INVEOR drive controller, an ABM SINOCHRON Motor can be operated without the use of speed sensors. Because the rotary encoder is omitted, the overall drive runs stably and ensures maximum availability.


ABM offers the right controller for every application installed centrally in the electrical cabinet or de-centrally as a motor-mounted converter. Application-specific versions round off the portfolio. Through the direct connection of the controller to a 400V power supply, project planning is simplified, and installation requirements are minimized. All controllers can optionally be equipped with the corresponding bus systems. Thus, the drives can be networked and are suitable for meeting the requirements of Industry 4.0.


SINOCHRON Motors from ABM have been proven in daily use to have impressively high availability and economic efficiency due to their high efficiency which corresponds to the Super Premium Efficiency class IE4.


The drives operate reliably at ambient temperatures from -22 to 140°F (-30 to 60°C). Torque fluctuations are minimal thanks to the special rotor design. This provides for very good torque synchronization and a low noise level. ABM has taken various design measures aimed at addressing demagnetization of the magnets to yield an especially high service life and thus high facility availability.

  • High efficiency = energy efficient
  • Sinochronous motors with high-performance permanent magnets
  • Efficiencies of 90% and higher
  • Compact design
  • High power density
  • Precise speed control
PREMIUM-LINE Rated Output (self-ventilated)0.4 to 13 kW Torque (self-ventilated)1.3 to 75 Nm Rated Output (non-ventilated)0.12 to 6 kW Torque (non-ventilated)0.75 to 20 Nm Output Speed500 to 6,000 rpm Protection ClassIP54, IP55 InverterIntegrated/Stand-alone