2-in-1 Insulation Tester & Multimeter

May 25, 2012

Extech Instruments announce the new MG300, a true RMS multimeter with built-in insulation resistance tester and the added safety of wireless datastreaming for remote monitoring and datalogging. By adding insulation testing capabilities to the ubiquitous digital multimeter, electricians are always equipped for insulation testing, helping to make it a more routine part of predictive maintenance with faster troubleshooting and repairs without additional tools. 

The rugged and waterproof (IP67-rated) combination meter includes a digital insulation resistance tester (or megohmmeter) with 4 different test voltages for measuring resistance up to 4 G? with 0.001M? resolution. The full-function, true RMS digital multimeter includes useful extras like duty cycle measurements and milliamp readings for analog 4-20mA current loops in industrial analog process controls. The CAT-IV-rated meter’s wireless datastreaming enables safer troubleshooting and maintenance on dangerous moving equipment and one-person operation of remote safety switches. 

Technicians can focus on finding problems by monitoring real-time readings on a laptop or computer screen from safe distances – up to 30 feet away. The meter comes complete with remote USB receiver, Windows® compatible software, test leads with alligator clips, Type K bead wire temperature probe with adapter, carrying case, and 6 x AA batteries. The MG300 is available with NIST-traceable certification (model MG300-NIST).    

  • built-in insulation resistance tester
  • wireless datastreaming
  • duty cycle measurements