With the launch of Magid Glove & Safety’s new ChromaTek CT500 Gloves, cut-resistant high performance polyethylene (HPPE) gloves are available for the first time in multiple color options. ChromaTek gloves are offered in black, blue, pink, purple, and red colors, allowing workers the opportunity to express themselves with an attractive color choice of their own. On top of the aesthetic appeal, the different color options provide several practical advantages over white and grey gloves, as well. The brighter color options increase worker visibility, keeping people safer on the job and facilitating easier compliance checks. The darker colors in the ChromaTek line hide dirt and grime, extending the service life of the glove, particularly in comparison to white HPPE gloves.  

Featuring ANSI Cut Level 2 and ANSI Abrasion Level 6 protection, ChromaTek CT500 Gloves are about much more than just color, living up to the solid cut protection that users have come to expect from ANSI cut resistant gloves. Adding to their inherent strength is a black polyurethane palm coating that channels away liquids and oils, ensuring added flexibility, dexterity and grip, especially compared to plastic and nitrile coatings. The gloves can also be laundered, further increasing the wear time of each pair.  Knowing that comfort and breathability are the keys to a successful hand protection program, Magid has pulled out all the stops when it comes to designing a highly-wearable machine knit shell for ChromaTek Gloves. The shell is constructed using a Magid-specialty, super-high-density, 15-gauge HPPE blend that contains more yarn filaments than other HPPE gloves. 

The form-fitting, breathable shell heightens tactile sensitivity, allowing workers freedom of movement to better handle small and delicate parts, increasing worker productivity and compliance. 

  • multiple color options
  • cut-resistant
  • black polyurethane palm coating