Wi-Fi Temperature & Humidity Data Logger

July 12, 2012

Lascar Electronics' EasyLog brand has extended its reach into the Wi-Fi  arena with the launch of its uniquely easy-to-use Wi-Fi temperature and humidity data logger,  the EL-WiFi-TH. Designed to allow remote  monitoring of the environment in which it is placed, the sensor seamlessly  streams data collected back to the PC via a standard Wi-Fi network.  Supplied with a free micro USB cable and software,  the user connects the sensor to the host PC just once to choose a  preferred Wi-Fi network and program the device.  Once a Wi-Fi  connection is established, users can name the logger, choose sampling and  upload rates as well as alarms.  Once programmed, the user can detach  the unit and locate it anywhere within the range of the Wi-Fi network to  record temperature and humidity. The sensor’s display allows users to view  the strength of the Wi-Fi signal (assisting the user in optimum sensor  placement), the minimum and maximum temp/RH readings and last  log. Users can change the settings of any sensor on the  system remotely using the supplied control software.                

If  Wi-Fi connection is lost during the logging process, the unit will  automatically begin to store readings in its  internal  memory, with provision for up to half a million saved on-board.  Once  the Wi-Fi network is restored, the unit will upload all readings to the PC  ensuring no data is lost.  Multiple sensors can be set-up on any one  system, depending on router type and Wi-Fi network use by other devices,  with all devices viewable at the same time on the host PC.  Summary  data such as sensor name, battery life, alarm status and current  connection status are viewable as well as a readout of the sensors’  digital display.               

Irrespective of transmission rate chosen, in the  event of an alarm being breached the sensor will immediately communicate  that alarm situation to the host PC; this is indicated by an audible alert  and visual indication within the control software.  Users can view logged data in graph format at any time on the PC or export that  information to Excel for further analysis if required.            

  • allows remote  monitoring
  • view logged data in graph format