Industrial PCs Go to the Extreme

March 14, 2017

noax industrial PCs (IPCs) reliably operate in temperatures between -22 and 131° F. This is ideal for companies that have to safely run applications in extreme temperatures.


Cold storage order picking, data acquisition by a blast furnace, and traceability in a smoking chamber – most computers fail when under these types of demanding conditions. Yet, numerous industries depend on hardware to supports these rigorous operating conditions. For these applications, noax Technologies offers an extended temperature range for your noax industrial PCs.


noax industrial PCs rely on components that have been engineered specifically to withstand extreme environments. Hard drives and SSDs are included among these industrial-grade components. noax IPCs equipped with extended temperature range power on immediately even in severe temperatures because they do not require external heating or cooling.


The microcontroller unit monitors temperatures inside the industrial computer to protect it from drastic ambient temperatures. The user-friendly nSMART software displays the temperatures and allows users to configure settings to meet their requirements. Thanks to the noax proprietary mainboard design, the components installed in noax industrial PCs align perfectly for optimum compatibility. This guarantees reliable operation in any environment.