Cut-Resistant Work Gloves

Aug. 7, 2012

Ansell combines safety with a leap forward in environmentally friendly production with the launch of HyFlex® 11-435, cut-resistant work gloves made with water-based polyurethane. Using water instead of dimethylformamide (DMF) solvent in the manufacturing process, HyFlex 11-435 gloves enhance safety and dexterity for workers in a variety of industries. In addition, the polyurethane does not penetrate inside the gloves, resulting in a softer feel on the skin. HyFlex 11-435 gloves are made with a combination of glass fiber and nylon yarn plaited with Dyneema® fiber, which provides users with ANSI Level 3 and EN Level 5 cut protection. 

This combination of fibers also provides wearers with excellent breathability and a cool feeling during use. The seamless construction and polyurethane coating ensure better comfort and flexibility. HyFlex 11-435 gloves are silicone-free and rated anti-static ANSI ESD STD for improved safety in critical areas. "The use of water-based polyurethane in our HyFlex 11-435 gloves is a major advance in long-term safety and care for the environment," said Laura Proctor, Ansell Senior Marketing Manager. "These gloves are Ansell's answer to the customer's call for a more stringent and environmentally safe manufacturing process without compromising on the safety of workers." The HyFlex 11-435 gloves are ideal in a variety of industries, including automotive, transport equipment, machinery and equipment, metal fabrication and glass. The gloves are available in sizes 6-11 to accommodate the hands of almost any worker. 

The gray color masks dirt for longer usability, and their excellent washability ensures a prolonged lifetime. 

  • softer feel on the skin
  • ANSI Level 3 and EN Level 5 cut protection
  • excellent breathability