FANUC FA America introduces the new Panel i 19” industrial PC utilizing a color LCD display with new touch panel.  Equipped with solid-state drives (SSDs), Windows Embedded and a large 19” touch panel, FANUC’s Panel i is fast, reliable, secure and user-friendly for high performance machining. FANUC’s latest generation Panel i PC use SSDs which are faster and more reliable than standard hard drives.  

Utilizing Windows Embedded instead of a desktop operating system increases the reliability of the operating system by allowing it to be locked down-making it much more secure against viruses.  The new Panel i large touch panel makes it easier for the operator to control the display and also has a larger area to do 3D modeling of part programs in addition to showing CNC operation. Additional features include enhanced CPUs and graphic capabilities for the larger display that address the needs of higher performance applications today.

  • color LCD display
  • solid-state drives
  • enhanced CPUs