Lascar  Electronics has introduced its next generation of LCD voltmeters,  the SP  400-EB color series. This  range of 3 ½ digit meters features an enhanced black LCD with multiple LED  backlighting options ensuring excellent readability under low light  conditions using a fraction of the power consumed by an LED meter. The  series comes with eight color backlight options including white, red,  blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, and magenta. 

The SP  400-EB series features  200m VDC measurement range, auto-zero, auto-polarity, user selectable  decimal points, and a negative rail generator enabling the meters to  measure a signal referenced to its own power supply GND. The module is  easily fitted into the panel using the fixing clip provided. The module’s  low cost means it will suit high and low volume applications. The design  of the panel meter’s housing ensures splash proofing using supplied  seal. 

  • multiple LED  backlighting options
  • excellent readability under low light  conditions
  • 200m VDC measurement range