The New One-Page Project Manager

Jan. 2, 2013

The New One-Page Project Manager templates reduce any project—large or small, traditional or Agile—to a simple one-page document, perfect for communicating both the project plan, and then performance to that plan. Now in its latest edition, this practical guide, currently saving time and effort in thousands of organizations worldwide, has itself been refined. It now includes references to the PMBOK, the innovative AgileOPPM, and introduces the online MyOPPM template builder. This is seriously simple project communication at its best. 

Book includes the following chapters:

  • The necessity of simplicity and the power of visuals
  • OPPM is all about communication
  • What is the one-page project manager?
  • A traditional project
  • The 12 construction steps for a traditional OPPM
  • The 5 reporting steps for a traditional OPPM, or OPPM in action
  • An Agile project: Five essential parts of an Agile project
  • The 7 reporting steps for an Agile OPPM
  • Thinking about projects
  • The project management office
  • Consulting and marketing with the OPPM