Color-Coded Captive Screws

Dec. 15, 2012

Southco has recently expanded its offering of color-coded Captive Screws with an over-molded line well-suited to limited space applications. The new Miniature Over-Molded Captive Screw features a low-profile design with an over-molded head which acts as a visual indicator for access points, while at the same time enabling the designer to designate access through an array of standard and custom color options. 

The over-molded head also eliminates the possibility of scratches on painted and powder-coated hardware without significantly expanding the profile of the fastener. Similar to Southco’s Standard Miniature Captive Screw line, the Miniature Over-Molded Captive Screw enables fastening in tight spaces and extends the industrial design of the end product to the fasteners used for assembly and access applications. Combination tool-operated recesses and hand-tightened knurled head options provide versatility for fastening/unfastening by hand or with tools when mounting doors, panels and other hardware components in applications where space is limited.

  • over-molded
  • well-suited to limited space applications