The Ultimate Waterproof LCD Monitor/TV

July 18, 2018
TRU-Vu's monitor has an operating temperature of -31° to 140°F.

Ideal for use in nearly any environment where bright light, water, dirt, dust or airborne contaminants would damage a standard monitor, the SXOBH-49-XTR offers the ultimate in image quality and brightness, as well as the ultimate protection against the elements.


The 49-in. screen features 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution and over 2,500 nits of brightness (10X brighter than a standard monitor). The screen is protected, and the image quality enhanced via optical bonding and a 5mm impact-resistant glass with anti-reflective coating (IK10).


The monitor is enclosed with a rugged corrosion-resistant housing. It is completely sealed, rated IP68, with no entry points for water, dirt, dust, sand or airborne particles. it is also completely maintenance-free with no fans, vents, or filters to clean or change.


If you need bright, sharp video images in any conditions and the ability to survive in nearly any environment or harsh industrial setting look no further. The SXOBH-49-XTR is ideal for bus and rail mass transit, sports stadiums, arenas and race tracks, military and law enforcement, boats and ships, paper, wood, steel mills, and many other challenging environments.


  • Analog and digital video inputs
  • Auto restart after power loss
  • Keylock function to eliminate tampering
  • Ambient light sensor to adjust screen brightness automatically
  • 12VDC and 5VDC power outputs
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Operating temperature of -31° to 140°F