FactoryMation has expanded its product offering for pushbutton stations to now include 30mm operators. 30mm pushbuttons, selector switches, potentiometers and enclosures are now available in kits and assemblies. FactoryMation provides customers with the option of purchasing 30mm pushbutton stations as kits or assemblies. 30mm pushbutton station kits simplify component selection by allowing the popular combinations of pushbutton operators, legend plates, and pushbutton enclosures to be purchased with one single part number. 

For minimal fee, these 30mm pushbutton station kits can be assembled prior to shipment so that the units arrive ready to install. Each pushbutton kit and assembly consists of quality NEMA 4/4X operators, contact block(s), legend plates and choice of enclosure type to include NEMA 12 or NEMA 4X. Enclosure material choices include polycarbonate, fiberglass, steel or stainless steel. All components are UL listed. 30mm pushbutton stations start from $43.

  • 30mm operators
  • available in kits and assemblies