FOD and FME Compliant Ratchets

Feb. 27, 2013

Snap-on Industrial has introduced three new ratchets that meet foreign object damage (FOD) and foreign material exclusion (FME) conformance. These ratchets are ideal for aviation and other critical applications where FOD and FME prevention is crucial. The ratchets are FOD and FME compliant because the coverplate and reverse lever are permanently affixed to the ratchet head with rivets to prevent the chance of small parts from separating from the tool.   The new 3/8" drive ratchets feature Snap-on Industrial's Dual80® Technology, which include dual pawls and an 80-tooth gear for more power in less lateral space (1/4" drive has 72 gear teeth). The ratchets are also designed to have a low profile to fit in tight spaces, and work with the shortest swing arc, providing better access to restricted areas.   Another feature of the ratchets includes added teeth - seven teeth come in contact with the gear to provide extra strength and durability; sealed head keeps dirt and other contaminants out of the head mechanism. All three ratchets come with a black industrial finish to prevent any chrome chips from breaking off and becoming FOD. 

  • Stock No. GFL80FOD 3/8" Drive Long Handle, 80 Gear Teeth
  • Stock No. GF80FOD 3/8" Drive Standard Handle, 80 Gear Teeth
  • Stock No. GT72FOD 1/4" Drive Standard Handle, 72 Gear Teeth 
  • black industrial finish
  • seven teeth