Saves energy and time by opening and closing the door's opening up to 12 times faster than a traditional sectional overhead door.
Allows the same exterior door to be used in both warm & cold weather situations.
Allow air to flow through in summer and keep heat in during cooler months.
Significantly reduces heat loss while allowing light into work areas.
Keeps out unwanted pests, birds and intruders.
Controls airborne contaminants.
Improves building appearance.
Increases security, deters trespassing, theft and vandalism.
Mesh option allows fresh air to flow through for comfort and productivity & helps meet FDA and AIB requirements.

Features of Goff's G-2 Doors Include:
Automatic re-set after blow-out
Reflective photo eye safety feature included (motorized only)
Wind load ratings by door size
Easily replaceable, exchangeable heat sealed panels available in solid vinyl, mesh, & clear PVC.
11 oz Mesh optional panels that are constructed of 17 X 11 polyester scrim, providing small openings difficult for insects to penetrate & provides a 65% shade factor to lower temperature and save energy, while meeting AIB standards.
18 oz coated colored Vinyl
40 Mil double polished clear PVC
Resistance to all ultraviolet rays and is rot, tear and mildew resistant.
Meeting NFPA 701 and California Fire marshal standards for flame resistance.
Three year warranty on materials & workmanship - One year warranty on motor drive mechanism.