Hormones, Health, and Happiness

March 2, 2013

Do you want to maintain your health and energy level as you age? If so, it is essential that you replenish your declining hormones. In "Hormones, Health, and Happiness", Dr. Steven Hotze reveals how restoring hormones to optimal levels using natural, bioidentical hormones enables men and women to regain their vitality.

Book discusses common symptoms of women and men in midlife and addresses their solutions.  These symptoms include but are not limited to fatigue, weight gain, headaches, depression, insomnia, hot flashes, joint and muscle pain, brain fog, loss of interest in sex, allergies, and recurrent infections.  Dr. Hotze demonstrates how many health problems can be solved safely, effectively, and naturally without drugs.

Dr. Hotze's 8-point wellness program encompasses:

  • treatment of low thyroid
  • treatment of hormonal decline and imbalance
  • treatment of adrenal fatigue
  • treatment of yeast overgrowth
  • treatment of airborne allergies
  • treatment of food allergies
  • vitamin and mineral supplementation
  • nutritionally balanced eating program