TSI expands its innovative line of DustTrak™ Aerosol Monitors with the introduction of the DustTrak II Model 8530EP and DustTrak DRX Model 8533EP. The EP models are configured with a robust external pump module that offers the same industry-leading performance of the DustTrak II/DRX models in use today while offering more user-replaceable components to save valuable time and money. The EP version is also available as an upgrade to current DustTrak II/DRX desktop (internal pump) models. 
The DustTrak line of EP aerosol monitors are the most industry-renowned products available in the market today for use in remote outdoor locations. The monitors are battery-operated, data-logging, light-scattering laser photometers that provide the most reliable, 24/7/365 measurement of aerosol contaminants such as dust, smoke, fumes and mists. Also, an additional default Cal Factor called “Ambient” has been added specific for ambient fugitive dust monitoring applications. The new external pump module is attached to and powered by the DustTrak unit itself and does not require an additional power source. 

“By making the pump module external on these particular model DustTrak Aerosol Monitors, the units have proven to perform with the same outstanding measurement capability as previous models but with the added benefit of the pump module being field-serviceable by the end-user,” said Greg Olson, TSI Sr. Industrial Hygienist. “This is significant when realizing the reduction in maintenance costs and downtime during a critical project.” 

In addition to the new external pump models, TSI offers standard DustTrak desktop models for shorter work durations like, industrial hygiene work area surveys or IAQ area sampling applications, as well as portable DustTrak handheld models for applications including industrial hygiene/IAQ walk-around surveys and point source monitoring.

  • Robust external pump design
  • Field-serviceable by user
  • Reliable battery-operation
  • Precise measurement, including ambient fugitive dust applications
  • For use in remote outdoor locations