Spacesaver Industrial introduces its Rotary Cabinet storage designed to better organize tools, parts and supplies for maximum space efficiency. “We showcased our rotary cabinets at ProMat this year,” said Matt Servant, Product Manager at Spacesaver Industrial. “The idea of a secure and easy-access cabinet for small parts and tools was well received and we are excited to make this available.” Unlike traditional shelving or cabinets, rotary storage provides back-to-back storage compartments that rotate for easy access. 

When not in use, cabinets can be locked in a closed position, delivering maximum protection of high-value parts and supplies, from dust, damage and theft. Spacesaver Industrial also offers a highly secure TouchPad electronic keypad control and keylock that provides an extra measure of security for high-value items. The rotary durable steel construction is available in twelve tier heights and has the design flexibility to work alone or customized to meet your storage needs. Optional drawers, dividers, shelves and bins improve inventory control and productivity and keep supplies, manuals, inventory etc. neatly organized. 

  • maximum protection of high-value parts and supplies
  • rotary durable steel construction
  • twelve tier heights