RackoCell 40 x 48 Pallet

April 5, 2013

The RackoCell 40 x 48-in. pallet is a pallet engineered specifically to meet the needs of the food manufacturing/ingredients, meat & poultry, and pharmaceutical industries where hygiene, durability, and ease of washing are demanded.


The RackoCell is molded in one piece from polypropylene copolymer to offer enhanced stiffness and edge-racking performance up to 2,200 lb. and features flow-through design that washes and drains quickly for high sanitation. And smooth, all-plastic construction protects the product without nails, splinters or rust.


The pallet is 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly. The RackoCell pallet features an option available specifically for food plants that use X-ray detection to inspect loads prior to shipping. The option is molded with a unique proprietary blend of detectable materials and is X-ray compatible. In the case that any piece of the pallet comes loose due to aggressive handling, it will be easily detectable. This allows plants to use fully hygienic pallets throughout their internal processing facility and when loads are off-loaded to outbound shipping pallets, they can then be sent through X-ray machines for inspection.

  • Flat deck
  • Fully hygienic design
  • One-piece construction
  • Structural foam molded
  • Optional metal detectable, x-ray detectable, and fire-retardant materials are available
  • Recyclable
  • Optional fork tine grommets (qty: 8) and four outer post grommets
  • Fork Truck Entry: 4-way; Hand Truck Entry: 4-way
Nest RatioN/AWeight49 lb.Load Capacity (Static)30,000 lb.Load Capacity (Dynamic)5,000 lb.Rack Compatibility (Selective Edge)2,600 lb.Rack Compatibility (Decking Center)5,000 lb.Truckload Quantities 53 Ft Trailer510