Grid Encoder Increases Measuring Range

May 30, 2017
HEIDENHAIN'S new grid encoder has an increased accuracy

The KGM 281 grid encoder now has a measuring range of Ø 140 mm and an increased accuracy of ± 1 µm. The grid plate with phase grating has an optical measuring standard and it is embedded in a two-piece aluminum holder. The design of the holder prevents mechanical stress which ensures the accuracy of ± 1 µm. This new design is 21.5 mm higher, but can be mated to the same dimensions as the previous KGM 181 model.


The line of KGM grid encoders are designed to test the contouring accuracy of CNC-controlled machine tools. KGM’s offer contact-free measurement which removes the influence of ball bearings and the results of circular interpolation tests are not affected by the error from the machine’s geometry. 

  • measuring range of Ø 140 mm
  • accuracy of ± 1 µm
  • new design is 21.5 mm higher