Support Arm System

March 19, 2013
Rittal's Support Arm System allows monitoring units, controls, and devices to be mounted and positioned via a 3-pendant support arm system.

The 60/120/180 Support Arm System allows monitoring units, controls, and specialized devices to be mounted and precisely positioned via an easily adjusted 3-pendant support arm system that can handle loads from 135 to 405 lb.


The system can be adjusted without dismantling the units and one person can assemble the support arm. Installing and routing cables and control lines is a simple procedure and adjustments are readily maintained via an integrated rotation range restrictor.


The three components of the support arm system can be used individually or combined into one unique solution. The system is attached to connection components with four self-tapping screws in a screw channel, and may be cut to any required length—there’s no thread-tapping required. The design features a closed cable duct with a large cross-section and an open cable duct for easy access for service or installation of pre-assembled cables with connectors. The large cable routing channels are X-shaped for greater load capacity.