X4, a multi-edged, tangential tool for grooving and parting off of small components, is available in cutting widths from 0.031 to 0.093 in. X4’s inserts minimize material consumption in parting off and enable precise grooving and copying of small and medium-sized complex parts. Performance is further enhanced through X4’s tangential insert bodies that ensure high rigidity, stability, and productivity.


To increase flexibility, each X4 insert type can be fastened to any X4 insert seat, allowing for a reduction of tooling inventory. Depending on the cutting edge width, the tool’s maximum cutting depth ranges from 0.102 to 0.256 in. and can cut off maximum bar diameters from 0.205 to 0.512 in.


X4 inserts are available in neutral, right-hand angled, and left-hand angled cutting edge options. Ideal for a wide variety of common workpiece materials, X4 uses CP500 and CP600 insert grades. CP600 features a mix of toughness and wear resistance suitable for most general applications, while CP500 provides increased wear resistance for more challenging cutting scenarios. To further increase X4’s performance, inserts with the MC chip breaking geometry can be applied. 


This versatile geometry achieves excellent formation of comma and clock-spring chips in a variety of materials and uses a straight front edge line to guarantee a straight bottom within a groove. All X4 tool holders incorporate Seco’s Jetstream Tooling Duo technology to further enhance productivity, lengthen tool life and improve chip control. By delivering coolant from two outlets to optimum points in the cutting and heat zones, Jetstream Tooling Duo contributes to efficient cooling, ideal chip formation, and high part quality.