70mm Stacklights

July 1, 2013

FactoryMation introduces FMX SL70 Series 70mm Stacklights. FMX SL70 Series Stacklights offer harsh environmental protection, safe and easy maintenance and flexible configuration and mounting options. FMX SL70 Series Stacklights provide finger-safe, plug-in modules equipped with locking ring and are “hot-swappable” allowing for safe and easy maintenance. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, light modules are UL listed Type 4X and sound modules are UL listed Type 3R. The FMX SL70 Series 70mm Stacklights feature rugged construction of lenses, bases, caps and mounts. Multiple installation possibilities are offered by the various modules and accessories. 

Light models are available with integrated LED, Xenon strobe, or bulb-type light modules. Various models offer voltage configurations that meet application requirements of 12 to 240VAC/DC. Light module colors may be selected as: red, green, amber, blue, yellow or clear. Sound modules feature 6 or 32 tones and tones are easily selected using the DIP-switch. An onboard potentiometer trimmer allows easy adjustment of maximum sound levels. Sound modules are offered with decibel ratings of up to 107dB(A). Mount up to five light modules or four light modules and a sound module on a single wiring base or choose a double vertical mount base support and stack up to 10 modules. Prices starting at $22 for bulb-type modules, $47 for integrated LED light modules, $72 for Xenon strobe light modules and $55 for sound modules.

  • plug-in modules
  • integrated LED, Xenon strobe, or bulb-type light modules