Lascar Electronics has launched its next generation USB data  logging line, the EL-GFX  series.  The EL-GFX units  are standalone temperature and humidity data loggers featuring a  high-contrast graphic LCD displaying real-time analysis of readings either  as a data summary (showing highest and lowest readings, last log and alarm  conditions) or as a trend graph that updates as new data is added.  Each unit in  the range is capable of storing over  250,000 readings per channel and can be powered by battery or  from a wall socket. They come supplied with a magnetic clip - allowing wall or  refrigerator mounting - and a waterproof USB connector cover, and can all  be configured using Lascar’s free EL-WIN-USB  software. 

The EL-GFX  series includes three different models.  The EL-GFX-1 is a temperature only USB data logger with a measurement range of -30 to  +80°C (-22 to +176°F) at resolution of 0.1°C/°F.  The EL-GFX-2  measures temperature and humidity readings over a -30 to +80°C (-22 to  +176°F) and 0 to 100%RH range at a resolution of 0.1°C/°F and 0.1%RH.  Lastly, the EL-GFX-DTC  is a dual channel thermocouple logger measuring and storing readings from  two J, K, or T-type inputs at a resolution of 0.1°C/°F.  Two K-type probes are supplied  with the units as standard with a 0 to +400°C (+32 to +752°F)  range. All three models are supplied with Lascar’s free,  downloadable configuration software, EL-WIN-USB, allowing the user to name the unit, select  °C or  °F measurement, set high and low alarms and determine logger start time.  Multiple data logging sessions can  be stored on the device ready for upload to a PC via micro USB cable at a  later date.  

  • high-contrast graphic LCD
  • capable of storing over  250,000 readings per channel
  • three different models