Integral Valve Interlocks

Aug. 12, 2013

Kirk Key has launched two new styles of integral valve interlocks that fit nearly every type and size of quarter and multi-turn valves. The Eagle Lock Series ensures safety for any potentially dangerous work area, such as power plants and pharmaceutical facilities. The quarter-turn and multi-turn interlocks both seamlessly integrate to the valve body and do not void the valve warranty. 

The quarter-turn valve Eagle Lock attaches to any type of lever-operated valve, including ball, butterfly and plug valves. The original lever is replaced with a Kirk sliding-lever interlock mechanism, preserving the original characteristics of the valve. The multi-turn Eagle Lock attaches directly to valves including those that are gate, globe and gear-operated. The Eagle Locks are fitted to the valve without requiring a system shut-down, and installation does not compromise or invalidate pressure tests of the host valve. 

Manufactured entirely of 316 stainless steel with keyways protected by a gasketed dust cover, the Eagle Lock is built for long-term use in harsh, industrial environments. 

  • fit nearly every type and size of quarter and multi-turn valves
  • do not void the valve warranty