Side-Plate Chains for Conveying Systems

Aug. 14, 2013
Chain specialist iwis drive systems presents side-plate chains for use in material handling systems. Unlike power and free conveyor chains, side-plate chains can convey products up inclines as well as horizontally. Side plate chains can be used in modular transfer systems in production and assembly lines where exact positioning of heavy or light product is vital. Side plate chains offer exceptionally stable conveying and represent an excellent alternative to power and free conveyor chains. 

They can be used in any transfer system based on power and free conveyor chains and can offer better product stability due to their flat  surface. They also offer a wider conveying surface than traditional straight side plated roller chains so can carry work pieces with or without a carrier, reducing the risk of product marking. The side plates ensure an even load distribution across the guide ensuring even wear also. There is no relative movement between chain and conveyed goods, although accumulation is also possible depending on the application. Side-plate chains from iwis feature wear-optimized side plates, and are available in ¾ inch pitch with steel or low-friction outboard rollers. 

A maintenance-free version of the chain is also available upon request. Besides side-plate chains, iwis also offers a comprehensive product range for all applications in power transmission and conveyor technology. The complete product programme comprises precision and high-performance roller chains, conveyor chains, maintenance-free and corrosion-resistant chains, accumulation chains, special-purpose conveyor chains, flyer chains, flat-top chains and modular belts for industrial applications, chains and accessories for agricultural machinery, and timing drive systems for the automotive industry. 

  • wider conveying surface
  • even load distribution