The Truth About Lies in the Workplace

Aug. 2, 2013

Carol Kinsey Goman, a leading workplace body language expert, combines her own experience with the latest research to identify 50 subtle physical and vocal cues that will enable you to spot destructive workplace lies. She analyzes the role we play in supporting lies—how our own vanities, desires, self-deceptions, and rationalizations allow us to be duped. And once you detect a lie, she provides tactical advice on how to respond, whether the liar is above, below, or on the same level as you—even if it's your boss.

Chapter titles:

  • Liars at work
  • Deception detection
  • Why we believe liars & play into their hands
  • How to deal with liars
  • Do you look like a liar?
  • Reducing lies in the workplace