In a perfect world, software engineers who produce the best code are the most successful. But in our perfectly messy world, success also depends on how you work with people to get your job done. This book covers basic patterns and anti-patterns for working with other people, teams, and users while trying to develop software. This is valuable information from two software engineers whose popular series of talks—including "Working with Poisonous People"—has attracted hundreds of thousands of followers. Even if you've spent decades learning the technical side of programming, this book teaches you about the often-overlooked human component. By learning to collaborate and investing in the "soft skills" of software engineering, you can have a much greater impact for the same amount of effort.

Book covers:

  • The Myth of the Genius Programmer
  • Building an Awesome Team Culture
  • Every Boat Needs a Captain
  • Dealing with Poisonous People
  • The Art of Organizational Manipulation
  • Users Are People, Too