Portable Handheld Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Sept. 10, 2013

Noncontact Meters Inc, in affiliation with Instruments Direct, announces the launch of their new line of economically priced Portable Flow Meters. We are proud to introduce the NCMP-603 Handheld Portable Transit Time Flow Meter; a cost efficient meter of choice for all your Water, Waste Water, HVAC, and Energy management needs. The NCMP-603 is a clamp-on, noninvasive handheld meter, that uses the latest in transit time technology to measure a liquid flow from the outside of the pipe. The NCMP-603 promotes ease of use at a fraction of cost of the traditional Portable Meter and is perfect for all your liquid applications on full pipes with clean or dirty liquids (< 2% solids or aeration).  Water, Wastewater, Chiller, Boilers, HVAC, Energy Management and Chemical Process are but a few examples of the multitude of applications that the NCMP-603 can be utilized with. It is ideal for liquid flow meter calibrations, spot checks and flow studies.  

Features include: 4/20mA output, Logger with 300,000 data points, USB download, with an 18 hr battery life. Also, in order to extend the usefulness and precision of our product, we have included a sleep function for extended battery life as well as an internal self- check function. The clamp-on transducers are adjustable for pipe sizes of 1” to 48”, and boasts a temperature range of -400F to 3000F, (-400C to 1500C).  Perhaps the most prominent feature provided is the overall ease of use. The NCMP-603 is exceptionally easy to program, via the keypad and its user friendly menu structure, which will automatically provide you with the correct sensor spacing. Simply clamp the transducers onto the pipe and you’re already reading flow.  The NCMP-603 Portable Handheld Ultrasonic Flow Meter kit comes complete with application appropriate accessories and a rugged, watertight carry case. 

  • measures liquid flow from outside the pipe
  • 4/20mA output
  • easy to program