Advanced Portable Videoscope System

Sept. 9, 2013

Lenox Instrument Company announces its new Advanced Portable Videoscope System.  The rugged, self-contained system combines state-of-the-art video technology, cordless operation, and compact portability at an affordable price and is well suited for inspection of bridges, drill pipe, turbines, airframes, power generation equipment, process tanks and vessels, tubing and pipes, heat exchangers and hydraulic cylinders and other difficult to reach videoscope inspections.  The Lenox Portable Videoscope System features a removable, 1.5” (40 mm) diameter, waterproof (IP67), 360° pan and 180° tiltable, color CCD camera head with built-in, bright LED lighting that can be controlled from the system’s control panel. Mounted to the end of a flexible, retractable, push rod, the camera can negotiate 90 degree bends and inspect lengths up to 98 feet (30 m) with the retracted push rod length sensed electronically and displayed on-screen.  

An optional handheld PVSK Locator can be added to the system that detects radio signals transmitted by the camera head for precise location of the camera head during borescope inspections. The advanced, Portable Videoscope System includes a tiltable and removable 7” TFT monitor, built-in image recording onto a removable memory card (32GB max), and a mini USB port for quick video file transfer to a computer for viewing and playback with the included PVSK Viewer Software.  A standard, built-in RCA video output is also provided. The Lenox Portable Videoscope System is housed in a compact, heavy duty, carrying case and includes 2 rechargeable batteries (2 hours of continuous operation per battery) for extended use in the field and a built-in power supply/charger when AC power is available.  

Optional system accessories include a removable, 1” (26 mm) diameter, waterproof (IP68), 120° FOV, color CCD camera head with built-in, LED lighting, centering guide, camera roller guide, and protection sleeve that protects and improves the ability of the system’s camera head to take bends.

  • cordless operation
  • color CCD camera head
  • can negotiate 90 degree bends