Brushless Motors

Oct. 10, 2013

Crouzet has introduced the DCmind Brushless direct current motor series, augmenting the recent market debut of the DCmind Brush Series.  The latest in the DCmind offering includes the TNi21 and SMi21 brushless motors featuring integrated electronics, power capabilities from 60 to 150 Watts, and high accuracy. A key benefit to the new series’ design is the integrated electronics that save space and provide a smart, compact motor solution.  Other important characteristics include an optimized control loop which allows simple and accurate motor management, carefully designed internal thermal protection for improved safety, and intuitive, easy-to-use software.  

Excellent EMC characteristics assure operational safety and reliability.  Available options include mechanical brake and a variety of planetary and worm gearboxes.  Either model can be used as a stand-alone motor or in combination with other motors, or controlled by a PLC. The DCmind SMi21 Series is designed for motion control applications that require precise accuracy.  These motors feature a range of 66, 90 and 150 watts nominal usable power at 24VDC and support 9-56 VDC.  The SMi21 incorporates a quality 4096 step encoder that controls position, torque, speed, direction, braking and other functions and includes 6 inputs and 4 outputs.  Suitable uses include a variety of access control applications such as automatic doors and screen doors used in metro systems, trams, trains, and bank airlocks; as well as turnstiles, barriers and motorized traffic controls.  

The DCmind TNi21 Series Motors are rated at 60, 80 and 140 watts nominal usable power at 24VDC and support 10-36 VDC. This series was designed for simple applications dedicated to speed and torque control.  Overall, the new brushless motors are excellent for applications found in medical, packaging, robotics, printing/mail sorting and many others.

  • power capabilities from 60 to 150 Watts
  • high accuracy
  • easy-to-use software