Managing Industrial Controls

Nov. 4, 2013

Book is divided into three parts. The first sets the foundation for managers and takes a look at organizations and human resources. The second part covers three basic topics: The assessment of plant needs and a quantified approach to decision-making; the tools needed by a manager to justify the budgets required to implement industrial control systems; and finally, the actual management of industrial control projects from project definition and scheduling to front-end and detailed engineering. The third part deals with post-engineering phases, including equipment installation, check-out, commissioning, and start-up, followed by ongoing maintenance activities.

This book was written for people who are:

  • Managers of industrial control groups who need a handy manual for all matters related to industrial controls from a management point of view.
  • Now in industrial controls and are looking to become future managers (or supervisors) of industrial control groups.
  • Not currently in industrial controls but have been given management responsibilities in that field, such as the manager of an electrical engineering department to whom industrial control responsibilities are now part of the job.
  • Interest in learning about the management of industrial controls.