Touch Screen-Capable HyFlex Gloves

Nov. 20, 2013

Ansell announces the introduction of the new HyFlex 11-101 and 11-105 gloves, the first touch screen-capable HyFlex gloves for industrial work environments. Both gloves are manufactured with a special conductive yarn designed to allow seamless interaction with touch screen equipment without removing gloves. While touch screens allow site managers to expedite data input, maintain schedules and quickly place orders, safety regulations require that all workers move to safety zones before removing their gloves. HyFlex 11-101 and 11-105 gloves are made with a conductive yarn fiber that leverages the electrical signals naturally generated by the human body to activate touch screens.  

The yarn is woven with a layer of metal that provides conductivity between the fingertip and touch screen so workers do not have to remove gloves while using touch technology, improving productivity and minimizing potential safety hazards. "Our HyFlexbrand is built on a legacy of innovation, addressing the changing needs of the industrial sector by delivering the best in personal protective equipment," said Bob Gaither, Ansell senior vice president and regional director, North America. "The HyFlex 11-101 and 11-105 products offer the touch precision, consistency, and sensitivity needed to operate in increasingly technological environments while maintaining the safety, comfort and tactility workers require." 

While both HyFlex 11-101 and 11-105 gloves are covered with a layer of polyurethane coating for enhanced sliding and finger movement, they feature different dipping styles to meet specific user needs. The 11-101 is palm-dipped for optimum mechanical resistance and protection, while the 11-105 glove is finger-dipped for improved fit and flexibility. The 11-101 and 11-105 products are also the first HyFlex gloves to feature the new Ansell product branding, allowing equipment managers to easily identify safety capabilities and product features from the glove design itself.

  • special conductive yarn
  • seamless interaction with touch screen equipment
  • polyurethane coating