Pallet-Based Storage and Handling System

Nov. 26, 2013

Lista International Corporation announces the availability of the STAK System® pallet-based storage and handling system. Based on a system of dynamically adjustable pallets (rather than fixed shelves) and a captive lifting and handling device, the STAK System helps maximize storage density by minimizing the vertical space requirements of each stored pallet and its contents. Ergonomically designed, the STAK system is loaded with features to save space and maximize productivity. It is fully modular, with add on bays that allow the system to grow as your capacity needs do. 

Its unique handling device is completely ergonomic, which makes removing even large loads easy. Loaded pallets are removed and replaced by simply guiding the mast to a new position, where the pallets can then be easily extracted. The handling device also maneuvers on four axes, creating total 360° flexibility and allowing for simple, intuitive positioning. In addition, the STAK system uses easy-to-learn controls that do not require a license or certification to operate. Since each work environment has different requirements, Lista also offers a range of specialized STAK Systems to suit any job. These include the 2K, designed to accommodate storage items up to 2,000 lbs. in weight, and the 4K, designed to accommodate storage items up to 4,000 lbs. in weight. For the storage, staging, and retrieval of 55-gallon hazardous material drums, Lista also offers the HazMat STAK System®. 

The system can be further customized with a variety of pallet styles and sizes, such as tire, barrel, or reel storage pallets, as well as options like Cantilever overhang, safety mesh, or a motorized bridge. 

  • adjustable pallets (rather than fixed shelves)
  • captive lifting and handling device