Portable Magnetic Drill - Fein Power Tools Inc

Dec. 4, 2013

FEIN Power Tools, Inc, Pittsburgh, PA has introduced the new Slugger® JHM Short Slugger portable magnetic drill.  The drill is lightweight, carries a low profile plus low cost and is ideal for portable holemaking in fabricating, construction and specialty metalworking applications. At 22 lb, the JHM Short Slugger is the lightest portable magnetic drill in its class yet has the power to make 1-3/16? diameter 2? D.O.C. holes quickly with its 430W, 680 RPM motor, plus features such as an arbor for 3/4? Weldon shank annular cutters, spring slug ejection and gravity-fed coolant.  Its low 11? height makes it easy to fit in tight places found at construction sites. The Short Slugger’s low price makes it very attractive for first-time magnetic drill users.             

The new Short Slugger is an ideal magnetic drill for use in overhead and upside down drilling because the gravity fed coolant bottle can be easily removed while its 22 lb weight provides better ergonomics compared to other portable magnetic drills in its class.  Feed handles can be easily moved to either side for working in confined spaces. Its light weight is attributable to an aluminum frame with high-impact plastic inserts built to take the rigors of high production holemaking.  For safety, all motor wiring is contained to prevent snagging or getting caught in tight places.  It also has FEIN “Smart Magnet®” circuitry for detecting both inadequate surfaces and inadequate holding power while a self-start lock prevents drill motor self-start in the event of a power loss.  

Other safety equipment includes: A safety strap to prevent the drill form falling in the event of a power failure; a safety guard to protect the operator from accidentally touching the cutter during operation. Standard equipment provided with the Short Slugger drill includes a high-impact plastic storage/carrying case, coolant tank, safety strap, chip guard, chip hook, 2 centering pins, 5mm hex wrench and carrying handle.

  • ideal for portable homemaking
  • 11? height
  • lightweight