FLIR Systems introduces its new FLIR CM78, a 1000A digital clamp meter which incorporates a spot IR thermometer and Type K thermocouple. Useful for working on HVAC equipment and systems, the FLIR CM78 can help users take accurate AC/DC measurements (up to 1000A or 1000V). The built-in infrared thermometer on the FLIR CM78 allows for quick hot spot scans, while the Type K thermocouple provides location-specific temperature readings. The FLIR CM78 also provides Bluetooth® connectivity to Android™ devices running the FLIR Tools Mobile® app, which enables users to view readings remotely, share findings with people on or off the job site, as well as create professional-looking reports.  And for added safety the built-in LED worklight illuminates dimly lit work areas. All this – along with connectivity to METERLiNK®-enabled FLIR IR cameras – gives HVAC troubleshooters added versatility. 

Features Oveview 

  • AC/DC (up to 1000A or 1000V) measurements
  • Spot IR thermometer & Type K thermocouple
  • Extremely bright, dual-LED work light
  • Easy-to-read display & intuitive controls
  • takes accurate AC/DC measurements
  • built-in infrared thermometer
  • extremely bright, dual-LED work light