OTTO Controls Catalog App Now Available

March 3, 2014

OTTO has released an iPad version of the Controls full-line catalog. This Catalog app has been carefully designed to provide easy access to the most current version of the catalog and includes great, easy to use features such as search, favorite, print and build a part.

The OTTO iPad app is easy to navigate. Product categories are broken down into four quadrants: Electromechanical, Grips, Hall Effect Controls and Joysticks. Basic operation is relatively simple; either search by product name at the top right, or tap on the quadrant category to find your desired product.

Each product page has multiple tabs providing detailed information such as features, description, specifications such as electrical ratings, lighting and seal rating, part number code, drawings and schematics.

Go to the Apple App store for this free download.  Simply search for OTTO Engineering.   

Instructions and features are available on YouTube and can be found by searching “ottoexcellence app” or simply click on this link: