Mini Mezzanine

April 23, 2014

Lista introduces the new Mini Mezzanine, which maximizes your usable storage footprint while providing much higher storage density of items of all sizes. Lista’s Mini Mezzanine takes advantage of additional available height in a storage area and is a cost-effective alternative to a larger mezzanine system. Comprised of stacked Lista high density storage cabinets, it is ideal for storing everything from maintenance and repair parts and supplies to perishable tooling and CNC tooling. 

The Mini Mezzanine consists of two rows of Lista’s storage cabinets, plus stairs and railings. Stacked back to back on the first level, the cabinets are arranged with a single row on the second level using the other first level row as a balcony. The addition of a safety railing and an access staircase to one or both ends increases the amount of storage at a very reasonable price. Requiring no walkway or grating system, the modular Mini Mezzanine lets you arrange and re-arrange your mezzanine layout to meet your evolving storage and retrieval needs. Lista’s Mezzanine Systems enable better management of inventory and great storage density, resulting in improved space utilization, organization and profitability. With their all-steel construction, Lista stacked cabinets serve as ideal Mini Mezzanine components. Lista cabinets come in a wide array of heights, widths and depths, and allow for the storage of small, medium and large items in close proximity.

  • maximizes your usable storage footprint