Portable Vibration Analysis System

April 9, 2014

Kenjin portable vibration analysis system is compact, lightweight, and transportable, making it an excellent choice for vibration analysis on plant assets without a permanent analysis system, and also for acquisition of transient data during startup/shutdown. The system features instant setup and on-site data analysis, high-speed data acquisition, sophisticated data analysis and various graphs, and user-friendly operability and plotting functions. Abnormal machine conditions are easily identified to help prevent damage and catastrophic failures. It can be used for extended time period monitoring on BOP equipment.

The fast high-resolution data acquisition provides detailed analytical graph display. The user can see transient data even with a machine which completes the startup period in a short period. Data display examples include polar, waterfall, trend, Campbell, orbit and waveform, bode plots. Applications include steam and gas turbines, electric generators, feed pumps, fans, blowers, compressors, rotating equipment, and more. 

  • an excellent choice for vibration analysis
  • fast high-resolution data acquisition
  • instant setup and on-site data analysis