Filterless Mist Collectors

June 11, 2014

Amano MJ Filterless Mist Collectors for machine tool applications are designed to collect and filter both oil mist and water-soluble mist, they provide dramatically reduced operation costs since no filter replacements are required. Utilizing disk and cyclone technology, the MJ Mist Collectors remain highly efficient while collecting 99.9% of mist. The fully sealed design is capable of maintaining suction for extended periods of time with a low noise level of only 72db.

The Amano MJ Mist Collectors are available in three models with a collection capacity over 770 CFM. The compact design can be mounted directly on virtually any machine tool or on a stand next to the machine.  These mist collectors are ideal for a wide variety of filtering applications including machining centers, lathes, EDMs and grinding machines. They are available with an automatic water cleaning system for wet-dust collection such as grinding applications.

  • collect and filter both oil mist and water-soluble mist
  • fully sealed design
  • low noise level of only 72db