Parts Washer for Robot Interface

July 20, 2018
Service Line's Renegade RTO washer features a 7-day timer for heating and skimming.

The Renegade I-Series RTO Return to Operator Wash Dry Carousel Parts Washer delivers precision cleaning and drying of industrial components without solvents to lower environmental impact, increase automation, and reduce labor costs. The cleaning and drying system boosts cellular operations and is designed to interface with robotic loading and unloading that is at the forefront of Industry 4.0 high production, repetitive cleaning operations.


The RTO washer transports parts via gear-driven carousel operation and the wash zone contains strategically-placed wash nozzles to deliver high pressure force that cleans hard to reach cavities. The dry zone utilizes heated re-circulating blow dry plus an air knife to thoroughly dry components with blind holes. The large Allen-Bradley monitor has user-friendly touch-screen PLC/HMI controls for a wide range of programmable settings.


While providing precision cleaning and drying in a compact footprint, it features a dual safety light curtain and multiple e-stops. Removable panels allow access to wash and dry chambers for easy access user maintenance. Custom fixture designs enable quick fixture/part changeover.


Industrial Applications for the Renegade I-Series RTO Return to Operator Parts Washer include Aerospace, Aviation, Automotive Engine and Transmission Components, Industrial Parts Cleaning, CNC Machining Facilities, Production Machining Facilities, Remanufacturing Facilities, and Transportation Production Centers.


Automatic Front Load Parts Washers maximize efficiency in day to day production cell operations. Renegade Aqueous Parts Washers are designed to work with Renegade Solvent-Free detergents for maximum cleaning without residue buildup.


  • Wash Dry: Two-Stage Cleaning Efficiency
  • 230 V 3Ph; 460 V 3Ph
  • Large, 12.1-in. Touch Screen PLC/HMI Controls:
    • 7-day Timer for Heating and Skimming
    • Cycle Times Display
    • Filter Monitoring Display
    •  Low Water Warnings
    • Preset Maintenance Cycles
    • Preset Wash Cycles
    • Temperature Display
    • Touch Control for Start & End Cycle
  • Maximum Heater Temperature: 185°C
  • Gear Driven Carousel
  • Wash Low Water Safety
  • Ethernet Connection
  • Filtered Fresh Air Intake
  • Oil Skimmer for Wash Tank
  • Power Vent for Fast Steam Removal
  • Wash Cycle Filtration
  • Dual Safety Light Curtain


  • WASH CYCLE: 15 HP Sealless Pump; 30GPM@60PSI; Sump Capacity: 475 Gallons; Heater: 36KW Heater @ 460V; 27KW @ 230V


  • DRY CYCLE: Two 2 HP Stainless Steel Blowers; Heater: 24KW @ 460V
  • Compressed Air Nozzles and Air Knife