Industrial glove manufacturer Southern Glove announced that it has introduced a new line of Kevlar® sleeves for protection in manufacturing environments where cuts and abrasions can occur. “For decades, industrial and manufacturing customers have looked to Southern Glove for top-quality hand-and-arm protection,” said Brent Fidler, President and CEO, Southern Glove.


“We’re proud to add Kevlar sleeves to our line of impact gloves that includes our new Arma-Tuff glove and the popular Sarco Impact glove.” Southern Glove’s sleeves are constructed from 100% single- and double-ply Kevlar and are available in lengths from 10" to 24” and width options of 3" and 4”. Since Kevlar fibers are inherently flame-resistant, these sleeves resist burning, combustion, or melting. Southern Glove offers the sleeves in eight standard fitting options and custom-makes sleeves to customer specifications upon request. The sleeves are manufactured from US-made Kevlar yarns at Southern Glove’s American-managed factory in Honduras. Southern Glove also carries a full line of protective sleeves made from cotton as well as Kevlar.