Portable Explosion Proof Dust Collectors

July 21, 2014

Portable explosion proof dust collectors feature the proven excellence of FRV, DS2-EX series portable vacuums and NA35 Series portable immersion separation vacuums joined with an exclusive point of source extraction swing arm system, designed specifically to safely collect airborne combustive dusts, gases and smoke emitted during the manufacturing process. Their portable design sets them apart from your traditional stationary dust collector, however, allowing for a full range of mobility on the work floor that others cannot provide. Available in up to 500 CFM, all vacuums are compliant to NFPA standards, OSHA’s combustible dust initiative CPL-03-00-008 and certified to Class I, Division 1 & 2, Group D and Class II, Division 1 & 2, Groups F & G requirements for use in hazardous locations, making them a necessity for work environments where materials may pose a combustible dust hazard. Best of all, each dust collector also doubles as a general housekeeping vacuum when the point of source extraction arm is disconnected to directly remove dust and keep your workspace spotless.

Explosion proof TEFC motors, a multi-stage centrifugal and high performance turbine and relief valve rate each vacuum for continuous duty operation. The vacuum’s modular housing is under 8 ft3 in total area, fully grounded and made from durable materials that are non-sparking by impact, backed by a lifetime guarantee. The FRV and DS2-EX Series includes models that can be used to safely collect Groups F & G dry combustible dusts while the NA35 Series immersion separation vacuums are intended for the removal of Group E conductive metals

  • available in up to 500 CFM
  • explosion proof TEFC motors