Part Washing System for Palletized Parts

July 7, 2014

Alliance Manufacturing, Inc.  introduces the Aquamaster CC series dual-chain wash system for cleaning palletized parts. The Aquamaster CC pallet washing system was designed for integration into table-top pallet conveyor systems for cleaning both empty pallets and pallets holding parts. As parts are machined, they can become contaminated with chips, coolant, and other manufacturing soils that can be detrimental to subsequent operations. Palletized conveyor systems are typically not suited for travel through a washing station. Alliance has developed a handshake interface that automatically transfers the soiled pallet/part on to the Alliance conveyor system for cleaning.

The conveyor in the Alliance pallet cleaning systems is designed specifically for cleaning palletized parts and handling wash solution. This system effectively contains the wash water, which minimizes drag-out and recirculates the fluid for filtering. The Alliance palletized conveyor pallet washing machines are designed per application. Building block modules can be configured to include a multitude of process zones such as wash, rinse, rust inhibit, blowoff, and dry. The conveyor opening and length of the machine is determined by the size of the pallet and volume of the pallets needed to be cleaned over a given timeframe. The spray zones are designed for 360-degree spray coverage for complete cleaning and flushing of parts and pallets. Pallet stops can be incorporated in the machine to stop the pallet for cleaning or drying of specific holes in the part or special part features.

  • handshake interface
  • 360-degree spray coverage