Updated Dust Collector

Aug. 26, 2014

Camfil Air Pollution Control has announced two updates to its popular line of Farr Gold Series® cartridge dust and fume collectors. The two improvements - one to the filter access door hardware and the other to the filter clamping system - provide enhanced ease of use, safety and reliability, at no added cost to customers. A new patent-pending clamping system on the door hardware provides greater locking strength and makes it easier to close the door. The new system increases compression leverage to a 50:1 ratio when closing the door, providing a reliable seal with 6.5 psi standard strength and eliminating the need for a high pressure door adder.

The filter clamping system has also been updated to utilize laser-cut, welded-in clamp bar brackets in place of bolted-in brackets to hold the clamping bars to the tube sheet. The new design ensures highly accurate tolerances and allows the clamp bars to swing freely for greater ease of filter change-out. The welded design also eliminates bolt holes between the dirty air and clean air plenums. In addition, the corner brackets are made of unpainted stainless steel to help maintain grounding throughout the unit.

  • enhanced ease of use